Paavendhar College of Arts & Science

Scholarship students are asked to complete Registration


The following Scholarships are available to students..

Government of India Scholarship

Students belonging to scheduled castes and scheduled Tribes can eligible to apply for the award of Government of India Scholarship.

Backward class welfare state scholarship

Students belonging to Backward/Most Backward Classes can apply for the awards of the scholarship if the annual income of the parents should not exceed the limit prescribed by the Government.


An Endowment in the name of subradheep Balakrishnan was established on 10.05.2005 for the best student performance in Fine Arts.


Ms. Tamilselvi Balakrishnan Cash award in contributed by our former Principal Mr. K.S. Balakrishnan M.Sc., M.Phil., given for those who attain University Rank.

Note: students applying for the scholarship for the first time has to submit fresh applications.Students who got the scholarship already has to submit renewal applications within the prescribed period.

Communication Laboratory

From the academic year 70 students have been offered ample training opportunities in the language lab to improve their communication skills in English with 100 systems along with net connections.

Internet Facility

A separate Cyber-Net Café with leased line broad band internet facility with 8 mbps is dedicated to students and operates round the clock.