Internet Facilities

Our college is fully equipped with round the clock internet facility with a speed of 10 Mbps, in collaboration with BSNL networks. The node facility is available for the entire campus including the hostels.

All the Computer Laboratories are connected to the internet through Managable Switches(VLAN)

The high end computing nodes are in the network of Paavendhar Polytechnic College through which simultaneously many users can access any of the servers in additions to other users from their department through campus network. 

Since all the computer systems in AKT Engineering College are connected in a switched fiber optic campus network, one can access any resource from any node in the campus. A variety of software is also available for the students and the users

Paavendhar Polytechnic College

Here’s what you can expect from our internet facilities:

1.Blazing Fast Speeds: We have invested in cutting-edge technology to ensure lightning-fast internet speeds across our campus. With our high-speed internet connectivity, you can quickly access online resources, stream videos, and download large files without any interruptions or delays.

2.Seamless Connectivity: Our campus-wide Wi-Fi network provides seamless connectivity in all academic buildings, student residences, libraries, and common areas. Stay connected wherever you go on campus and enjoy uninterrupted internet access for all your academic and personal needs.

3.Advanced Network Infrastructure: Our internet facilities are backed by a robust network infrastructure that is designed to handle heavy usage and support multiple devices simultaneously. Whether you’re using a laptop, smartphone, or tablet, you can expect a reliable connection at all times.

4.Internet Usage Guidelines: To ensure a fair and productive internet environment for everyone, we have established usage guidelines that promote responsible and ethical internet usage. These guidelines help in optimizing network performance and maintaining a positive digital experience for all users.

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